Who are are? We are the Harmony School of Conscious Art founded in 1986 in Germany by a group of artists who were concerned that art must have a meaning, that it should promote something beneficial for humanity and for Mother Earth.

Over the years the Harmony School spread to many countries and developed many art workshops, often in connection with the Eco Yoga Ashrams connected to the Vrinda Mission. However, conscious art should not be considered to belong to any particular spiritual current. It is simply brothers and sisters working for the welfare of all.

As the volume of art and artists were growing we noticed that many wonderful contributions were either forgotten or never promoted to begin with. Immortal Conscious Art is an effort to bring these timeless jewels of conscious art back into the limelight and to make their creators more accessible.

Try to learn from all of this and if you feel inspired to create conscious art and help others to become conscious and to act with love then our purpose will be fulfilled.


Yours from my heart for ecological living and conscious art,

B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami Maharaja