A World Without Water

What would it be like to live in a world without water? Those of us with plenty of water at hand, what are we doing?

As less and less water is available, you have yet another problem being added and that is the problem of privatization. There are companies now saying why don’t we bottle it, mine it, divert it, sell it, commodify it. That greed of privatization, I believe, will be much worse than climate change and everything else that has left us with the water crisis. The world is running out of its most precious resource. True Vision’s timely film tells of the personal tragedies behind the mounting privatization of water supplies. (Vandana Shiva)

More than a billion people across the globe don’t have access to safe water. Every day 3900 children die as a result of insufficient or unclean water supplies. The situation can only get worse as water gets evermore scarce.

We can start at home by saving the water we already have, we must stop being wasteful. We can then help spread the message around and teach others to save and protect their water supplies. We can teach our children to become more conscious and thankful for the resources we have. We must change our personal consumption habits first if we want to see change in the world!

Remember that most of our water resources are wasted feeding cattle for our consumption. We need to explore more sustainable options! Question your everyday habits and ask yourself whether you are causing a positive or negative impact in the world.


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